Imagine waking up and not having a toothbrush or tooth paste to brush your child’s or your own teeth.

Imagine your child waking up in pain from a swollen gum or decay and cavities and facing countless sleepless nights for all of you because your child is in pain.

 Imagine not knowing what a dentist is or where you could go for help.

You’d think this was in a foreign country wouldn’t you?

Unfortunately, this is in England.

Many children in this country live in poverty and do not have access to toothbrushes, toothpaste or dental care. When they do realise it is available it is often too late to save their teeth.

The Dental Wellness Trust works with nurseries and schools where this care is of greatest need.

We provide free training to staff to implement our LiveSmart tooth brushing programme. We also provide free supplies to each nursery or school. We replace tooth brushes and keep up supply of tooth paste so that these children are able to brush their teeth every day at school.

We also work with these schools to ensure that hand washing; general hygiene and healthy eating are all addressed to contribute to the general wellbeing of the whole child.

It is a sad fact that in this country over 45,000 children a year are admitted to hospital for general anaesthetics to remove rotten teeth. A quarter of all children under 5 have some degree of tooth decay and one million parents have never taken their children to the dentist.

The Dental Wellness Trust aim to eliminate the pain and suffering these children face unnecessarily by establishing our LiveSmart supervised tooth brushing programme in as many areas of need as possible but we cannot do this without your help. Right now we are working reactively to this crisis but hoe in the future we will become a preventative programme running throughout the countries schools.


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