What’s it like being pregnant during a global pandemic and a country lock down?

Pregnancy can be a roller coaster at the best of times, from leaping in the air, all out kinda joy to over whelming feelings of utter physical and mental fatigue. So, Purflo asked Talya Sinclair, a pregnant  Paediatric sleep consultant, to give us her perspective on pregnancy in a pandemic. Tayla lives with husband Ben, in Hertfordshire, UK, with their gorgeous two year old daughter Blake Valentine and are  6 months pregnant with their baby boy;-

‘Well, I’ll begin by saying this is not something I ever anticipated I’d experience during my pregnancy.

In theory, it’s the most dangerous time to be pregnant within the last 100 years. That statistic doesn’t fill me with encouragement, however, I have come to realise I’m in control of my own destiny (within reason) and that’s why my husband and I made the decision to put ourselves and our two year old on full lock down a few weeks before Boris Johnson made that decision for us.

We haven’t seen anyone; we haven’t stepped foot into a shop and have hardly been for any walks for over a month. I am determined to protect my pregnancy in the best way I can. There is no denying that it is impossible to completely avoid the virus, with food being delivered and touched by other people, but we are doing the best we can.

It’s easy to get sucked into the intrusive thoughts of ‘this isn’t fair,’ and ‘you don’t understand because you’re not pregnant’, and I do believe it’s important to focus on the positive aspects of life at a time like this.

My husband and I have a gorgeous two-year-old daughter called Blake Valentine who has always been beautifully behaved, and the last few weeks we have noticed a huge shift in her personality. She is frustrated and irritable. She’s not sleeping well, which is unheard of for her (and being a paediatric sleep consultant, it doesn’t bode well!) I’m sure anyone in their second pregnancy will feel the same way I do about introducing a new baby into their little one’s life;

Nervous, excited, guilty, apprehensive.

Then take away all their normal comforts and expectations, big or small;

Nursery, grandparents, friends, the park, baby classes.

Then add a global pandemic.

And then add a lock down.

It’s a lot to expect a toddler/child to contend with.

However, what I will say is despite the fears, anxiety, disruptions, financial worries and inconvenience this pandemic has caused, there is one thing I will take away from it and would never have had the opportunity to experience without it: the quality time I’m able to spend with my husband and daughter before the new baby arrives. The uninterrupted attention she’s receiving from us will hopefully heal the wounds caused by taking away the only world she knows.

Without sounding too negative, it is difficult to find the positives whilst living during a global pandemic, pregnant. But being pregnant is a blessing and our country and NHS acting the way it is to protect us is a blessing. I’m sure a lot of pregnant ladies in the same situation as me will also feel a level of vulnerability given unlike most aspects of life, a pregnancy can’t be put on hold or postponed. We are in an unfathomable situation and may be frightened of what the future holds, but we will beat this virus one way or another.

Once this is over and life inevitably returns to (our new) normal, I’m looking forward to introducing my baby to a braver, stronger me. I’m looking forward to introducing my baby to a nation that put all their plans aside for one cause. And I’m looking forward to introducing my baby to a world that came together in determination to achieve one common goal.

Globally, we are in this together’

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