My experience with weaning at the beginning was really up and down. I took Talya’s (my sister in laws) initial approach and used the BLW method to introduce vegetables into Callie’s diet. I was also really apprehensive because I felt uncomfortable watching Callie gag – which was almost every single feed. Weaning Callie onto solid foods was a challenge and every day was a different story! Some days she loves food and the next she wouldn't even open her mouth unless it’s a fruit puree pouch or an Ella’s puffs. It was extremely irritating because I really wanted her to get all of the goodness and nutrients that my breast milk provided and thensome! In recent weeks, I’ve found that changing my own attitude to mealtimes makes it more enjoyable for both of us. You must be patient and relax. Sometimes it took over an hour!


Callie is now one and she eats absolutely everything! She is a fantastic eater and exceptionally healthy, wish I ate like her! Our favourite meals are turkey, chicken, mince, potatoes and every type of veg! I love to now cook, bake and experiment on a variety of dishes. We love to share our ideas to our instagram (@bondedbybabies) and we have a lot of happy Mummy's thanking us for new ideas. We all know it can get boring!


The best advice I can give to anyone who is at their wits end right now is to relax and trust the process, don’t force anything to happen that isn’t natural and things will always get better. There’s no right or wrong answer.

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