Jaques of London

We were lucky enough to be asked to work with the reputable toy company called ‘Jaques of London’. We are so excited to share with you the products we have kindly been gifted and the reasons we know our children will love them.

‘Jaques of London’ is an established British brand who have created games and wooden toys for many years. They are a family run business who take such pride in their creations.

They invented many well known classic games including Snakes and Ladders, Croquet, Snap and many more.

Let's start by talking about their wooden London red bus. This wooden transport toy comes complete with a variety of wooden passengers and a bus driver, along with seats for the wooden people to sit in. The passengers are removable and can easily be moved on, off and around the bus during imaginative play. The wood is robust and smooth which is makes it durable for toddler play. The attention to detail gives hours of play time which is important for imaginative development. Not only do the kids absolutely love it, but so do we because it gives such a statement to the play room and looks beautiful on display! It also makes for a fantastic present!



The second gift we received was their ‘All in One Easel’. It is such a fantastic toy, aiding our girls’ creative imaginative play and allowing them to perform messy activities in a controlled environment. It gives us an opportunity to sit down for a cup coffee and have the chance to catch up whilst the girls go wild with the chalk and pens - invaluable for parents if we do say so ourselves!

The easel is very sturdy, great quality, easy to assemble, and such fantastic value for money! The size is perfect and you can also adjust the height.
It’s a brilliant home activity and we absolutely love it!



We feel proud to have worked with such a well established company and cannot recommend their products enough!

Finally - we would love to share with a 15% discount 


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